Central Wisconsin Wood Turners Club

From advanced wood turners to first timers, the Central Wisconsin Wood Turners Club is an informal club offering a learning atmosphere with hands on assistance.

Central Wisconsin Wood Turners Club

What We Do

We will have a lathe at each meeting for demo's and learning purposes.

Bring your questions, stories and experiences both good and bad. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to start wood turning to get answers to all your questions.

Central Wisconsin Wood Turners Club

About Our Group

Welcome to Wisconsin Rapids Area Wood Turners Club.

We are a non-profit group of wood turners, determined to bring arts and craft turning to the Wisconsin Rapids and Central Wisconsin.

There are no fees and no obligation to attend the meetings.

Central Wisconsin Wood Turners Club

Get In Touch With Us

Jeff Manor (847) 687-2150
Joe Varga (715) 451-1381
Keith Pilger (715) 697-1791
Norm Saeger (715) 570-6570
Jim Andersen (715) 321-4179

The club would like to thank Todd & Michele Goska for the use of the Ridges facilities to hold our meetings. We would also like to thank co-founder, Doug Hamilton, and his son, Mike, for building this wonderful website.

We meet every 2nd Thursday of the month from 6:30 - 9:00 PM

Call (847) 687-2150 for more information on meeting times.

Latest Projects

If you're like most woodworkers, you are constantly looking for fun new ideas and challenging projects. Check out the latest creative projects from the Wood Turners of Central Wisconsin.

Here is a special project that we are doing for The Beads of Courage program for children.

Central Wisconsin Wood Turners Club Work